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About Us

Lori Fudens, the founder, has been a stylist for 25+ years and has played at every level in the industry—including renter, stylist, color correction specialist, salon education director, Redken Artist and Educator for in salon classes, salon owner and mentor for others in the beauty industry.

This makes her uniquely qualified to relate to her audience. Whether she’s sharing technical expertise, the newest trends, artistic ideas, time savers, team builders, best business practices or easy ways you can make more money, she herself is always up to date on the latest education while continuing to improve her knowledge and skills in her own hair business as well as leadership. Through many years of experience, training many different kinds of learners, finding successful methods, learning from mistakes, overcoming challenges, and using the proven methods she has learned, Lori has tested and used the proven the blueprint to get a stylist ready for the floor.




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